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Bio-Economic Natural can help the Corporates to avoid many risks on Momentum in Time Series Fluctuation in Ecnomic and Business in Prosperity or Recession Period By: Edmond F. La'lang (economic and natural environment observer)

By : Edmond F. Lalang (Economic and Environtment Observer)

- Utilization of Bio-Economic Natural in every aspect of life, included Economic and Business Life Cycle

           Bio-Economic Natural can help the Corporates to avoid many risks on Momentum in Time Series Fluctuation in Ecnomic and Business in Prosperity or Recession Period to match on their Strategic Management Policy and Action Plan in Shorterm, Midterm and Longterm Vision. Bio-Economic Natural can be utilized in relation to the various predictions of the likelihood of the risk of changes in economic growth, interest rate loan, the rate of inflation, fluctuations in prices of raw materials and auxiliary materials, changes in consumer tastes, the level of competition, shrinking market share, the emergence of new competitors and new products and many other factors that could affect the company's business growth. Various external factors this variable will affect the viability (survival), the profit rate, the amount of cash flow, interest repayments and mortgage companies credit, competitiveness, and others. Here we use the Risk Management and another Bio Natural to find out the crisis with the "Preventive Ways" and "Early Warning System" of movement up and down (wave fluctuations) that if more stringent and harder as an expert volcanologist can tell when the eruption a volcano or a physician can determine the condition of the patient's heart rate chart or climatologists can predict when it will rain with high winds or storms.

- Bio-Economic Natural Focusing on Preventive Ways with Early warning System

           Bio-Economic Natural, focused on preventive security "without the cost of risk" than just problem solving (Problem Solving) is a cost, and the victim time to recover (recovery). Georges Soros with the Reflection method "6 Months Running in Front of the Curve" can first find out the occurrence of a crisis or turmoil and turbulencies.  Nor able to predict a variety of business opportunities to be captured and utilized optimally before being competitors of your company. Natural bio-economy can provide assistance to industry, particularly manufacturing to be able to plan, organize, matching, synergize and synchronize a number of financial planning, - production and marketing in a time frame (timing) in order to achieve implementation of the principles of efficiency, effectiveness and value-added larger and can avoid the various risks that are not desired by the company (preventive ways). This method can perform a variety of forecast with accuracy, and when supported by a 3-dimensional computerized system, it will be more accurate, precise and reliable. So the company can perform a variety of short-term, midterm and longterm planning in the execution or decision-making when , what and how things like :

         Preventive Ways to avoid any risk in the market and business fluctuations in every stage of economic and business life cycle. Bio-Economic Natural will always perform a system of economic planning business is prevention ways that would establish an early warning system to avoid and prevent the occurrence of various problems and risks that could affect the growth rate, profitability, toughness and stability rate, competitiveness and business survival in an increasingly global competition is free, hard and cruel. With bio-economic natural, then we can set the pace and rhythm of the business like a great orchestra with a conductor to produce a symphony of beautiful music and quality with the survival and competitiveness of the great and powerful. So the company can go ahead even if it means facing obstacles, challenges and economic turmoil in the course of space and time to move forward and can grow well in both normal and crisis conditions. Thus the company will be able to survive for tens or even hundreds of years in peace and harmony with the business environment, human (social) and the natural environment.

- Some Corporate Strategic Management to anticipated and prevent on various risks  can be done in Good Business Policy

1. When and how to do the expansion, turn around, hold business, stay outside or even divestation; to matching with consideration on their market share growth, their organic corporate growth, hike of the fluctuation price products, new product launching, the other opportunities of various market, level of competition, how to solve and face the new government regulation, inflation rate, interest rate, the other macro economic indicators and so on .

2. When exactly to take a rational comparison of business credit and safely capital structure with the amount of credit against the credit risk ;

3. When to buy raw materials and auxiliary materials and the rhythm of ups and downs of the production batch number of the match with a cycle of ups and downs of product sales;

4. How can you really know the graph changes in consumer tastes and the expiration of a new product by product, advances technology and changes in consumer tastes by changes in the system, performance and technology ; 

5. When the sunset of a type of industry, anticipation on the possibility of a decreased level of a country's economic growth and global ;

6. What are the constraints, challenges and risks according to the rhythm of fluctuations in market for anticipated ;

7. How to deal with the level of competition and the entry of new competitors with different types of new products are better quality and competitive price ;

8. How likely magnitude of losses, the amount and type of foreign currency loans, the currency type and placement of deposits from the sale and retained earnings, the level of loan repayments and interest ;

9. How does the level of utilization of funds for mass production level, the efficient utilization of raw materials, inventory, channel distribution, the amount of funds in marketing and sales strategies, remuneration ;

10. How can you know the cycle of economic and business up and down to match with your strategic planning to face the global and local competition and avoid many risks and problems of economic downturn ;
11. How you can switch your depositors in stocks, forex and commodities to follow the cycle up and down to get much more gain and also at once to avoid the market and business risks ;

12. Often many companies and individuals with confidence and passion take on debt to commercial banking and investment banking to the position that has been profitable shares in the stock market, bonds, debentures and other various financial derivatives and commodity prices to benefit many times with assumption that the stock market, money market and commodity markets will continue to skyrocket until a few years into the future. But unfortunately, it did not happen, so that in times of turmoil, crisis and the economic recession, where the value of the stock price. bonds, debt, derivatives and commodities down quickly or free fall that led to the company or individual will bear huge losses and even become insolvent or bankrupt

13. Utilize the amount of money circulating with excessively enermous leveraging magnitude in the world of banking and finance, where the book value, the stock price and the value of future net and from every country, even with just based on GDP and GNP values ​​calculated mathematically to produce an excellent rating and prospective. But this ranking is obvious for medium and long term, because of the constraints fluctuations are often very dynamic and even volatile, so it will produce severe systemic effects in the aggregate to weaken economic conditions and economic sector of micro and macro economics in a country with economic conditions foamy (bubble economy) with a flood of hot money in the financial markets are often speculative. And if the warming in the real sector economy with high inflation indication (overheating economy), by flooding the money supply due to low cost funds in the banking of monetary easing (ease money policy) by the Central Bank which is often pushed by the higher levels of consumerism, where the demand is often greater than the supply of goods and services, even though the price continues to rise ;

14. and many other things to do an economic analysis of Econobusiness Biocycle Dynamic that are natural based on variety natural constraints.

Footnote :

         Fluctuations in short-term (daily and weekly) will occur naturally influenced by state of mentality, passion, taste, motivation of global mass psychology to take trading positions in a market that is crowded and often chaotic. If there is data or news that very fundamental economic conditions, business and politics, fluctuations in stock price movements will occur dynamically and both meteoric and volatile free fall in excess of the daily forecast. But in the medium and long-term investment will be influenced dynamically by biocycle and biorhytmic of legal and natural forces are always moving up and down dynamically. So you not only have to Globalization with Globalnet (internet system) but also now should have a vision in a way Galaxization with Galaxinet even the World Universes * * (Astronomical).

         Where we can know the strains and the condition of the Universe Kingdom in the short term (10 years), medium term of 50 years and long term 100-200 years), which will also be evident in a "Certainty of Life rather than Uncertainty Life " who always complained of many parties, including the leaders of the state policy makers, leaders of business policy (industrialists and traders) as well as experts in various fields of life. The power and influence of Natural, Galaxy and Universes Law (Universe Kingdom / Source One in Central Sun Universe) this will always affect every aspect of our lives on this planet, either consciously or unconsciously to anticipate properly.

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